“Here at the Pontefract Sport and Education Foundation we are always trying to make sure the children who participate in our programme thoroughly enjoy learning and developing their skills by playing squash.”

  • Noah (Age 10)
    I really like coming here because it is fun and I get to play squash with my friends. Malcolm and the coaches really help me improve my skills because I had never played squash before. Malcolm also helps me learn better English and Maths by setting us tasks to do. My favourite task was finding the best squash court in the world and writing about what I found. Me and my friends really enjoyed how playing squash helps me to learn and have fun playing the sport.
    Noah (Age 10)
  • Sophie (Age 10)
    When the other classes, who had visited, told and explained to me about squash, it sounded really confusing. However when I first came Malcolm asked me to watch a game my first thought was this looks easy. After that I was so excited to play a game. Me and my friends entered the court feeling confident but after following Malcolm’s instructions I soon learned that watching a game is a lot easier than playing a game. Even though I found squash difficult I was upset when it was time to go because I enjoyed it so much. Squash is also good because it is fast past and challenging, When it comes to sport I love a good challenge. Thank you for a great first time playing squash and helping me play sport.
    Sophie (Age 10)
  • Katie Robinson (Head of Year 6)
    “In my opinion, the opportunity has impacted on the children not only physically and educationally, but emotionally. These sessions have enabled even the more reserved pupils in the group to develop confidence and improve their attitude towards their learning in school.”
    Katie Robinson (Head of Year 6)
    Airedale Junior School